Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mirror, mirror, on the hull...

So Back in March, my friend Rick Quinn and I attended the annual Maine Boat Builder's Show in Portland, ME. We've been doing this since the 90's, maybe before - time files it seems...

So, I shot this fellow who works for C.W. Hood Yachts out of Marblehead, MA. This is his reflection showing in a perfectly finished hull.  Their yachts are stunning, the craftsmanship is suburb as you can see in this photograph.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Portland skyline

There's a great restaurant in South Portland called the Saltwater Grille. The restaurant also has one of the best views of the Portland skyline from the water side. We were over for dinner back in January, and I snapped a few pic's. Didn't like any of them. I've been back three times in the hope of creating the masterpiece. So far, Zero, goose egg, nada. It's a real struggle to deal with the cold (this time of year) and the weather. The first night I shot, there was good cloud cover, made it interesting. This twilight shot is OK, but it doesn't jump out. I am getting to know the bartender and the waitstaff. Nice people. They seem to tolerate my gear, the massive tripod, the camera and lenses. I'm trying not to annoy them. I did offer a finished print, should they like one. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Locomotives, again...

A newer one, manufactured by General Electric in 1993. This is a P40DC "Genesis" series. These locomotives have provided the motive power for Amtrak's non-electrified routes since the early '90's. This diesel electric locomotive makes 4,250 HP and can pull a passenger consist at over 120 MPH where allowed.

This locomotive is heading up Amtrak's 40th Anniversary Train which is touring the country and was in Freeport, Maine in mid August. Amtrak is expanding service to Brunswick Maine beginning in 2012 and Freeport is a stop along the route.

The engineer told me that the track is so bad that he was limited to 20 MPH up from Portland. The track and crossings are being upgraded for the new service.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Steamy August in Boothbay

Well It has been hot. But steamy???

The Boothbay Railway Village Museum just outside of Boothbay Harbor has four of these old 2' steam locomotives. They were all built just after the turn of the last century and were originally  used primarily on logging and short run operations in rural Maine. It's amazing that these old locomotives have been running for over 100 years. I'm sure the maintenance and upkeep keep the Museum volunteers busy year around.

This shot is one of the locomotives letting off a little steam.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I shot the Sheriff...

Well sort of...

My friend and fellow early morning gym-rat (Planet Fitness, Windham, ME), Kevin Joyce is running unopposed for Cumberland County Sheriff this year up here in Maine. I'd been busting on him because his campaign photographs presented him in a far too somber way, not showing his warm and friendly persona and wonderful smile. 

Ok, you bitch long enough, you get the job!!! 

So I shot him...

Kevin is an interesting guy, he has been a cop for over 25 years, beginning as a reserve officer as he worked his way through school. He has had about every job within the Sheriff's Department and even did a stint with INS. There is probably no one that is better qualified to run the Department. His experience, professional demeanor, management skill set, and his compassion for all of us, blend nicely for a perfect fit. 

From my perspective, his only downfall is that he's a Democrat, but a good one indeed. I'm voting for Kevin regardless. 

And Thanks to the immortal Bob Marley for the tag line. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Up the Maine Coast

Before this entry begins, please check out the Thomas L. Hartwell Photography website. The site has had a complete overhaul, with more to come soon, so keep checking back. Thanks Gordon, for all your good work. 

So, in September, Betsy and I journeyed up the Maine coast a couple of times. The first to Bar Harbor, and the second to Boothbay Harbor. Mostly goofing off, making photographs, checking out the art scene, and undertaking that never ending search to find galleries that will hang my work. Some good, some not so good, but that's always the way. 

We did meet a couple of interesting characters in Boothbay. The first was a talented artist, Allen David who owns and operates the Allen David Gallery. Here's a pic of Allen hard at work. 

Then we met Steff Deschenes, a self described ice cream freak, and author of a great book titled the Ice Cream Theory, a very funny and insightful read. Buy the book, it's worth it. Go to for more info. 
Here's a pic of Steff, hawking her book in front of Sherman's book store. 

We scouted out a couple of galleries that might like my work and i may like them, we'll see. 

All for now,