Friday, October 22, 2010

I shot the Sheriff...

Well sort of...

My friend and fellow early morning gym-rat (Planet Fitness, Windham, ME), Kevin Joyce is running unopposed for Cumberland County Sheriff this year up here in Maine. I'd been busting on him because his campaign photographs presented him in a far too somber way, not showing his warm and friendly persona and wonderful smile. 

Ok, you bitch long enough, you get the job!!! 

So I shot him...

Kevin is an interesting guy, he has been a cop for over 25 years, beginning as a reserve officer as he worked his way through school. He has had about every job within the Sheriff's Department and even did a stint with INS. There is probably no one that is better qualified to run the Department. His experience, professional demeanor, management skill set, and his compassion for all of us, blend nicely for a perfect fit. 

From my perspective, his only downfall is that he's a Democrat, but a good one indeed. I'm voting for Kevin regardless. 

And Thanks to the immortal Bob Marley for the tag line. 

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  1. Nice job Tom. Looks like he's a shoe-in with your vote alone.